Time to put 2020 to rest..

Well, as most of you know, I rarely use my website for very personal messages, but there are exceptions to any rule I suppose, but if this weird year we are about to put behind us doesn't warrant an exception, then what will?

As anyone else I've been affected by the whole COVID-19 mess - I am not complaining cause I know there are a lot of people out there who have been way worse off than I have, and I hope for everyone have been able to keep the skin on their nose (Danish expression that probably translates quite poorly..) and let's hope we're headed for a better future. Whatever your feelings about the vaccines are, it's time to keep a positive mind - that doesn't mean you shouldn't be critical, but let's try to keep positive through these hopefully last days of the COVID-19 reign..

For myself, and just about all colleagues in the field, acting gigs have slowed down tremendously in 2020, but the times I have been out on a set, it's been wonderful and a privilege to see how people really take all measures and precautions to keep the set a safe place.

In spite of difficulties, 2020 certainly brought some amazing things for me. I got the chance to star in a music video for a band I've been a fan of for over half my life, kind of a bucket list thing of mine. I've also yearned to do more funny things for many years, and I got the chance to do that as well, in no less than two Danish sitcoms. Won't say too much on the sitcoms yet, but I certainly hope that this could be the beginning of something new for me.

I also started writing on a feature film script with my good old "Vidar The Vampire" friend Brigt Skrettingland - a sany comedy with social comments, you might say. It's so far named "Dear Universe", we're having fun with it so far and we hope we might be able to hit production with it in 2022. Fingers crossed.

Also, recently, Faces of Fear was released in the US and Finale came out wide in the UK in both cinemas and home release, albeit renamed to The Ring Master.

Thank you to all those of you I had the pleasure of meeting and/or working with in the past year and for staying safe while working towards the common goal. Thank you!

Luckily acting jobs for 2021 are starting to come in already, but there is of course always that risk of things getting postponed or even cancelled. It already happened, actually, a few things I was gonna do in January has been pushed ahead already - but they are still happening, and that's the most important thing... It's life these days, and we just have to try and make the best of it and hope it will all come together in the end. I also know that it is easier said than done for a lot of people, I can only hope for positive changes for all.

Also, thank you to all who showed their sympathies when I lost my mother in late November this year. As some of you know, my father also passed away a little more than a year ago. Even though we all know we won't have each other forever, it certainly turns your world upside down. Especially because I, myself, became a father to a beautiful little girl only a month before my own father died. Life vs. Death, the meaning of life, all that stuff roams through your head and changes the way you think a lot - but it's so nice to know you have so many good friends out there. The show must go on and I appreciate the understanding and support I've met on the way, god knows it made a huge difference to me. You know who you are - Thank you!

I wanted to keep this sort and brief, but instead a ramble began. It's not easy to contain a year like 2020 into a few sentences. Let's all instead look ahead and strive to begin a 2021 with a positive mindset, new goals and hopes of a more positive future! I wish the best for everybody and I hope to see all of you on set or in other capacities in the coming year!