Night Terrors Film Festival 2021 - Dates and official selection!

In February we're getting ready to host the Night Terrors Film Festival for the 6th year in a row and I am proud once again to host! Dates will be February 5 in Copenhagen and February 11 in Aarhus - this of course depending on COVID-19, we will of course strictly adhere to the govenments demands in case of further shut downs..

The Official Selection for Night Terrors Film Festival 2021 is in!

Front Line Assembly: Arbeit (Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen, Denmark)

Axe To The Face (Andrew Moorehead, USA)

Things We Did (Pia Thrasher, USA)

Pick Up Artist (Mario Alexander Schuster, Germany)

Pluto (Larke Miller, Canada)

Green Cobra (Sigurd Culhane, USA)

Crock Pot (Ty Jones, USA)

Strayed (Sarah Bonrepaux, France)

Bloodshed (Paolo Mancini & Daniel Watchorn, Canada)


Clout (Ariel Hansen, Canada)

Essential Worker (Ramy Gheit, USA)

Emily (Aydin Baatyrbekov, Qatar)

No One’s Listening (Juan Carlos Castaneda, USA)

The Interrogation (Vincent Soto, Sweden)

Look what you have done! (Monica De Almeida, Switzerland)

Cadaueris Exquis (Lopez-Portillo, Escamilla, Castellanos & Aguilera, Mexico)

Now Following You (Patrick Foster, Ireland)

Oak (Dane Elcar, USA)

Hospital Dumpster Divers (Anders Elsrud Hultgreen, Norway)

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