"Lux Aeterna", a beautiful sci-fi story, free to watch online now!

Culture is a necessity in these trying COVID-19 times. Therefore Danish director Edith Fabritius Tvede have decided to share her short sci-fi epic "Lux Aeterna" with the world completely for free.

Enjoy the acting of old danish screen legend Ghita Nørby, along with Ditte Ylva Olsen, Paw Terndrup, Niels Olsen and Kim Sønderholm in this futuristic tale from a possibly not too distant future.

The young and ambitious journalist Helene gets a story that could make her career, as she discovers a secret invention by the Danish-born top scientist Ellen Franklin, but as the invention's potential for catastrophic consequences become clear to her, she is forced consider how much ambitions are allowed to cost both oneself and the world.

The film is in Danish - but English subtitles of course provided. This should not be used as an excuse not to watch ;)